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Friday, January 22, 2021
Oh happy day everyone!! It is collaboration day today - YAY!!!!!

Welcome to the Bold & Bright Hop with Hero Arts and Pear Blossom Press! You’re going to see some of the coolest light-up cards, all featuring your favorite stamps and dies from Hero Arts. Get ready for lots of inspiration, and be sure to comment as you hop along, for your chance to win a $50 store credit! 

So for my card I knew right away I wanted to light up my Anglerfish. I set my scene to be like you are under water and could see from both sides of my sunken ship through the porthole.

As you can see above I colored, cut all my pieces and attached everything except for my fish so it was read to go with the light
I taped down my button right behind the rock that says "PUSH HERE".  I then pulled my lights through my card to the front.  I taped my three lights together to the back of my fish and attached him to my card with an Action Wobbler.  So the fish moves along with lighting up.
Make sure you frame your battery pack and button so there is no moving once the card is attached.  I add a lot of tape to the back for support being it is such an intricate card. Have I told you; I LOVE THIS TAPE?  I do ... it is double thick foam tape so it frames your battery pack perfectly AND the best part ... The backing is SO EASY to remove!  By so easy I REALLY mean SO EASY ... I will NEVER buy any other foam tape again! 
Here you can see the close up of the fish and how he is sticking out from the card with the Wobbler.
Here is a close up of the Anglerfish and his light up antenna.  Isn't he just the cutest thing ever?  In real like these might be one of the ugliest fish in the ocean but here ... he is a darn cute fish!
One more look at the finished card ... Didn't I tell you these interactive lights are SO easy to use and put together?  Try one I promise you will not be disappointed ... you actually might just get hooked on Light Up Cards  LOL no pun intended!
Here is is lit up again ... I love the mood lighting; it is as if you really are underwater looking through a Porthole.  

Thank you so much for hopping along with me and checking out my card!

Below is the line-up please make sure you check them all out; but Daniel is next on the list if you are following in order ...

Pear Blossom Press Kelly Latevola Taylor Carissa Wiley Lynnea Hollendonner

Niccole Kulig (you are here)

Daniel West (NEXT)

Lydia Fiedler Ilina Crouse Maria Willis Mindy Eggen Dana Joy Seeka Libby Hickson Pam Tinney Hero Arts

Every good hop has prizes, right? So Hero Arts, and Pear Blossom Press are each giving away a $50 store credit! Comment on this post by January 29, 2021 to be entered to win. Winners will be posted on the Pear Blossom Press Blog on February 6, 2021.



Pear Blossom Press
EZ-Lights (5) Pack

Thank you for spending some of your crafty time with me!! 
Now hop on over to Daniel's blog, as he is next in line!!

Until next time ... hugs & inky fingers!

- Nic

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  1. Like the wood pothole look and the wonderful lighting of the fish for this underwater scene. Not tried the lights before and curious as to how long the light works for?
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

    1. Quite a long time ... You are pushing the button to activate the battery. I have a few I have had on display for over a year for sure!

  2. The Anglerfish in real life is scary looking yet kinda cool. This card is great. It shows him in a different light. (Pun intended) It's really a cute card. [Bunny]

  3. Nicole, your story with the making of this beautiful light-up card is a fun read. Love the realistic look of your underwater scene & yes that real life ugly fish is so stinkin’ cute on your card.

  4. So cute & realistic! Your anglerfish is great fun! Love the colors!

  5. This is sooooo cute! I love how you are looking out the porthole into the ocean. Pair this set with mermaids or a treasure chest, just imagine the possibilities.

  6. Love the masculine look you gave your card.....and putting a light on the Anglerfish is..."brilliant"!!! LOL...couldn't resist once I got that bright idea of a pun. Ha.
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  7. He's on a wobbler too?! How awesome! I love everything about this card Niccole!

  8. Love how this fun scene lights up!

  9. Adorable card! Love the under water scene and it lights up...
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Fin-tastic card!! That Angler fish just cracks me up!

  11. wow - what a great under water scene you created - just magical

  12. Fintastic lol Love the porthole, your scuba diver and that fish with that wobbler that lights up! Amazing!!!

  13. This card is just gorgeous, when the lights are on it’s just stunning!!

  14. I live the glow so much. What a terrific keepsake card. I can see a little one playing with this and showing it off to their friends. Card is colored so perfectly and that fish is looking cuter and cuter.

  15. Creative and fun! Love the wooden porthole. I may try the scary light-up techi

  16. Love your card! Thanks for sharing

  17. I’m going to need this set. Great card!

  18. Super cute and clever Niccole!💙💚

  19. I like that u made the die cut of the porthole to look like wood. It gives the card a warm feel. Everyone on this hop has such great ideas!

  20. Love your light up card, the porthole made of wood look amazing! Great job!

  21. Wow what a fabulous card! Fun and creative design.

  22. This is a fantastic light up card!! I love that porthole!

  23. Awesome underwater scene! I love the porthole and the fish! Great detail with adding the light!

  24. Neat use of the light. Nice scene created.

  25. I love your underwater scene! The light looks fantastic!

  26. Such a fun card. The porthole looks so realistic and the glow and wobble on the fish set it off.

  27. What a brilliant card! I love the underwater scene with the wobble fish with it's light! Such a clever design! Thanks so much for the great inspiration! Take care! :)

  28. Such a fantastic card! Your scene is fabulous!!!

  29. Love this porthole scene with the light up angler fish.

  30. Love the wood look around the porthole.... The lights are great


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